Morpheus Box Sleep Sound Machine

Morpheus Box Sleep Sound Machine

Morpheus Box Sleep Sound Machine

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Who Knew Happiness Was in a Sound Box?

Morpheus Box was designed to help you forget your everyday troubles and enjoy some peace and serenity any time you need it. With a variety of tested sounds, Morpheus Sound Box can effectively relax your body and mind with one click.

Find Perfect Match From 28 Sounds

All the sounds available on Morpheus Box are tested and proven to have positive effects on the body and mind but you still have a wide range of choices and you can decide how and when to use each. So, what are the sounds?

White, Pink, and Brown noise designed for concentration and relaxation & 20+ more sounds.







                   Timer Options

Morpheus Box can be played continuously or with timer options that come in 30, 60- or 90-minute time intervals.


Bedside Light Options

With a built-in RGB LED light, Morpheus Box can moonlight as your bed-side table light – which can be turned on with or without the sound – and you have the option to use a still or flashing light with 10 different settings and various colors.


 A 2012 study in the Journal of Theoretical Biology found people enjoyed more stable, high-quality sleep when exposed to pink noise, as opposed to silence.




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