Baby Security Monitor

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Do You Need a Dedicated Baby Monitor?

Your baby needs constant attention, but you can't be in its room every hour of every day. That's what baby monitors are for. What started as audio-only infant care devices to let you listen in on your child from another room, have since added video cameras and connected features to the mix so you can always keep an eye on your little one. 

From a pure imaging standpoint, night vision is vital for watching your baby sleep from another room and is standard for most baby monitors. Motorized pan and tilt (which lets you swivel the camera from afar) isn't quite as common but is very welcome if you have a toddler and want to scan an entire room. High-definition is a nice plus.


✅ Free Portable Monitoring
✅ Two-way (talkback)
✅ Temperature monitoring
✅ Built-in lullabies in the camera
✅ Automatic night vision
✅ Secure, interference-free, long-range digital signal
✅ High contrast 2.0″ color LCD monitor
✅ Long battery life (18 hours in Vox mode)
✅ Multiple languages support(English/French/Spanish/Italian/German)
✅ Built-in lullabies may help the parent comfort the baby fall into asleep.
✅ Your baby’s room temperature all day long without worries!
✅ Two-way audio between the camera and monitor, you can talk back to the baby.
✅ Keep an eye on baby all night long with automatic night vision
✅ The parent unit has a battery inside. It works on battery or power charger
✅ There is no battery built in the camera. So the camera always needs to be plugged in the power outlet while it is working.


  • 1 x Color LCD Monitor (Parent Unit)
  • 1 x Baby Camera (Baby Unit)
  • Power Adapter
  • 1 x User Manual

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