Question: How do you remove the top?

Answer: Please turn the transparent top dome counterclockwise and you can remove it. Maybe it is installed tightly, please open it carefully, and pay attention to the position of the lock when installing.

Question: Is there only one lullaby & the rest just sounds?

Answer: Our sound machine built-in 28 High Non-Looping Sounds including 2 Lullabys,fetal tone,2 fan sounds and 12 natural sounds.

Question: Does this white noise machine support headphones?

Answer: Our white noise sound machine has a 3.5 mm earphone jack that supports headphones.

Question: Can this white noise machine remember the last used settings?

Answer: Our sound machine has a power-down memory function that remembers the last time you used the sound, volume and lighting settings.

Question: The warm night light of this sound machine has 3 levels of

brightness in the description. How do you adjust it?

Answer: The sounds machine has 3 levels of brightness adjustment, you can change it by long pressing the brightness button, or short pressing to turn off.

Question: Will it play all night or does it turn off after a maximum of 90 minutes?

Answer: This sound machine can play all night.

Question: Can the intensity of the night light adjustable?

Answer: Yes. A 3-second long press of the light button will cycle through 3 levels.

Question: How to use the white and black cover of this sound machine?

Answer: We put the white and black cover together and install them in the transparent top dome. If you need to use a white or black cover separately, please rotate the dome of the product counterclockwise and remove the black or white cover. (Maybe the dome is tight, please open it carefully, and pay attention to the position of the lock when installing).

Question: I want to buy this sound machine with star projector for my little boy. Can it project the stars onto the ceiling of her bed room?

Answer: Yes, this white noise maker for your baby can project stars and moon onto the ceiling.

Question: What kind of usb cable is this? i need to order a longer one.

Answer: The cable that comes with our white noise machine is a micro USB cable.

Question: Can still use the sound if turn the light off?

Answer: Yes, if you don't need the lights, you can turn off the lights and play the sound only.

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